The Only Magic I Need

The Only Magic I Need

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"I pulled my head a little further back, so I could see the rest of his face. Draco started to slowly close his eyes and lean in a little closer. I knew what he was going for. A kiss."

When Hermione goes back to Hogwarts for her seventh year, and with Ron gone and having to share a tower alone with Draco, will the hormones fly and she end up with Draco? With Ron and Pansy not happy with it, would they even allow it to happen? Only time will tell.

" "I guess you didn't change," I whispered, "You fooled me." "

Rayarain Rayarain Feb 21
Everybody just already hate you before it's start ron 😂 sorry.. 😅 still dramione better 😉😏
Rouge944 Rouge944 Mar 29
I know that I am weird but does anyone else say Ello and not hi or hello
AnasuaBanik AnasuaBanik Jan 31
Same old same old 
                              It's Been 8 years and he's been denied 😂😂
AnasuaBanik AnasuaBanik Jan 31
He meant duels 
                              But my mind is saying something else 😛😛😛
AnasuaBanik AnasuaBanik Jan 31
He's Malfoy 
                              Draco Lucious Malfoy !
                              He sparks all the time 😇
AnasuaBanik AnasuaBanik Jan 31
We can start new 😱😱
                              Has anyone noticed he said we 😱