The Homosexual Angel (lesbian story)

The Homosexual Angel (lesbian story)

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The Vegan Zombie By The-Vegan-Zombie Completed

The title says it all. 

God said let there be light, Angel Aceline said let there be gays. 

After getting banished from the heavens for supporting homosexuality, Aceline is stripped of the angel status. If that doesn't dull her shine, even hell rejected her. The only place she can reside is Earth, as an immortal. An immortal forced to go to school. 

Her journey as the awkward fallen angel puts her into the shoes of the homosexuals she supported and was punished for. Eventually, her past catches up on her and she needs to make a choice. 

(In this book, you'll meet an angel that asks what a dick is. A gay boy that gives free bicycles. And a god you will hate)

  • angels
  • femslash
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
  • god
  • heaven
  • hell
  • homosexuality
  • lesbians
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Katwithak27 Katwithak27 Jun 06, 2017
I'm Catholic, and I believe in God and Jesus. Doesn't mean I believe the bible though, so I believe I can love whom ever I want, even if the bible says otherwise. (I'm pan)
itstonydapony itstonydapony May 11, 2017
Niggah, he also said to love everyone. A true God loves eveyone. If you don't love everyone, you ain't no god
Kistune47 Kistune47 Oct 16, 2017
Wait, If he's omnipotent shouldn't he have found out a long time ago, ANF shouldn't he be able to do this himself?
Kistune47 Kistune47 Oct 16, 2017
The bible was made by Romans anyway, hundreds of years AFTER Jesus died
GriffinWest GriffinWest Mar 12, 2016
Well, if I'm being cast down to burn for eternity, at least I'll know I'll be heating things up with my future wife.
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Sep 16, 2016
Well duh! What'd you expect with the whole 'omniscient' thing