Hidden Powers

Hidden Powers

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Jordan Lofts By JordanLofts Updated Jul 02

" Who are you ", I asked as my eyes fell upon a hooded figure. Black eyes peaked out from under the hood and I swear they were smiling.

" Your worst nightmare", the figure hissed and he sent, the figure was definitely a male, jets of hot red fire right at my face. "

When Jennifer Ashton was accepted to Talentos High, she was not thrilled. Instead she was dreading the day when she would have to tell her world her secret. She is different from her kind where most her age had discovered their ability or power, she hadn't. As she enters Talentos High a school for the next generations of heroes and ability specialists, she doesn't know how she will fit in being a powerless freak. 

Little does she know that usually the weakest or different are usually the strongest  out of everyone. Jen must learn to be strong and learn how to use her gift or it might be too late... for everyone.

s016281 s016281 Nov 09, 2016
"Your worst nightmare", the figure that was defiantly a male hissed, sending out out jets of hot red fire into my face.  ( just a suggestion, and it's a great intro)
insipiredheart insipiredheart Feb 23, 2016
If you haven't yet, most people put thoughts in italics! Just a tip
ImagineFantasi ImagineFantasi Jan 01, 2016
                              Oh, and there's another Sam in yet ANOTHER book who has the power of darkness... Totally not SPOOKAY that there are two books that have the same character name and power...
Undiscovered-Author Undiscovered-Author Oct 08, 2014
It was just a nightmare and the guy even said he was her worst nightmare!! Love it!
Undiscovered-Author Undiscovered-Author Oct 08, 2014
I haven't even started reading the book yet and I'm already hooked by the  description of the book!
JordanLofts JordanLofts May 18, 2014
@MidnightSummer2499, haha thanks. When I was writing this chapter it did remind me of that movie but it's completely different, trust me. Thanks for commenting, I'll update soon!