Little Red (On Hold)

Little Red (On Hold)

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Alexi Franco By AlexiFranco Updated Sep 08, 2017

♡ She wasn't small, but she was little to him. ♡

He saw out of the corner of his eyes those bouncing curls that made his hands twitch in yearning. He loved to imagine his hands caressing that amazingly bright red hair and see how she would react.

She was always oblivious to his stare so he continued to boldly do it, trying to ignore the pestering knowing eyes of his employee's.

Her freckles dotted on her naturally blushed cheeks and he smiled at the adorable cheerful soul that made her way to order with a small book in her hands.

He knew he would stay a while just looking at her, hoping her gaze would drift to him even if it was just for a mere second.