The Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne

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Josiah Rosell By JosiahRosell Updated Sep 27, 2017

Their family murdered; their fortress obliterated; the jarlheim thrown into chaos. In one moment, the lives of Baeorn and Aelthena are upended, and brother and sister must fight to keep the Frozen Throne.

Baeorn, suddenly become the heir to the throne, inherits responsibilities he never dreamed of having. But Baeorn hungers for revenge, if he can manage to overcome his own cowardice.

Aelthena, who has dreamed of ruling all her life, sees that her moment has come. But even if her brother yields the throne, she must combat a host of other claimants to power if she's to achieve her dream.

Little do they know, but their struggles are only just the beginning. A powerful, dangerous substance has slowly seeped out into the world, and is on the verge of outpouring. And with its coming, a legend will awake.

Can Baeorn and Aelthena keep the Frozen Throne amidst the Leviathan rising?

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