Us (A One Direction FanFic) [l.t.]

Us (A One Direction FanFic) [l.t.]

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5 Boys. 1 Girl. & 2 Friends.

Nothing could go wrong, right?...wrong...when Karina Williams' parents die, her "uncle"--Simon Cowell--takes her under his wing. Karina moved into the house and finds out that her world is going to be turned upside down. Why? Uh, yeah, because One Direction lives there too. The days and weeks keep passing and she begins to fall into there world: especially with Louis and Zayn. However, when best friend's: Aryana and Christian, come to visit Karina in London...lies pile on; love is found and destroyed; and friendships are put to the test. It's going to be a long summer - can Karina handle it all? or crack under pressure?

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Cephxx Cephxx Jan 17, 2016
YOU ARE THE NEXT BIG BOY BAND !!!!!!! (Nothing to do with it but I felt like saying it xD )
littlemissmarvel02 littlemissmarvel02 Dec 07, 2015
Uh oh. I just read a chapter of another story exactly like this. Someone might be copying your story.
                              @mikeysbff  wrote it
Breanna_Music Breanna_Music Apr 23, 2014
Loved the description with the time era lol. The carrot era. Very cool lol
TeaForLouis TeaForLouis Jul 29, 2013
@Thatvintagegirlie thankyou so much. And spectacular name by the way:) lol.
crystalblade crystalblade Jul 28, 2013
I may not like One Direction that much,doesn't mean I don't like the cover and the story.Which means....….……...…
                              THIS BOOK IS AWESOME
TeaForLouis TeaForLouis Dec 23, 2012
@BecBec13 thank you:D 
                              I'll try to check out your story. My life as been pretty busy as of late.