The Adventures of Jace and Clary

The Adventures of Jace and Clary

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♪ ∞ Liz Rose ∞ ♪ By breathlessmoments Updated Apr 24, 2015

Hey! READ ME!There's lots of Clace and Sizzy and good amount of Malec ( just added some more Malec smut and fluffish stuff.) But please don't hate if there's not enough Malec. Ugh. I'm torn and don't know what to say in this description box except for please read my story! I need comments. I know when you're done reading you don't want to comment but I need suggestions and my reader's opinions. Thanks guys! ~Liz xoxo 

P.S. I kinda don't write chapters they're more like scenes just by the way. lol XD 

P.S.S. If I don't get more feedback soon I'm going to have take this down. :(  

Table of Contents: 
Scene 1-  Intro
 Scene 2- Go Fish 
Scene 3- Valentine 
Scene 4- Missing 
Scene 5- Clary 
Scene 6- Sizzytastic Smut 
Scene 7- Fight 
Scene 8- Search and You Shall Find 
Scene 9- The Unveiling 
Scene 10- To Love is to Destroy 
Scene 11- Bedtime 
Scene 12- Fiji 
Scene 13- Sizzytastic Smut Part 2 
Scene 14- The Nightmare 
Scene 15- We're in Fiji
Scene 16- Where is Everyone?

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mm_strawberries mm_strawberries Oct 18, 2017
69 haha. hehe. heehee. lololol.llllllllllllllooooooooooooooooollllllllllll
ZebaAnwar ZebaAnwar Jan 05
I thought she meant if the Shadowhunters have a king😂😂😂
user81971924 user81971924 Dec 16, 2017
You should add Rafael into the story too tho....Ya know...Their Showdowhunter child.
lillypad2442 lillypad2442 Feb 08, 2016
Amazing I'm freaking out🙌🙌 and some just make me feel like  😱😰😨
takenbymemes takenbymemes Jan 20, 2015
I really like it how it is just scenes, that way it does'nt get boring. That happens a lot with some fanfics.
TheBibliophile1 TheBibliophile1 Jun 23, 2014
I don't know if that is one of Jace's innuendos or if he is really isn't joking!