Reason to be - Harry Styles Fanfic

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Lilly By xxRoyalBloodxx Updated 7 months ago
Who is Harry Styles? Most of us would say that he is a handsome singer, or even a great person. But April Bennett, a simple 17 year old girl who has lived since she was born in the beautiful London city, thinks that people overestimate him. That there's nothing special about Harry Styles, and she doesn't want to know him. Or so she thought.
    When two people belonging to completely different lives are brought together, things change drastically. Challenges arise, and people who you trust are bound to disappoint you. But can the two of them survive to the imminent tragedies awaiting them, or will everything be pointless by the end of the journey?
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This book was DEFINITElY added to my reading list, mainly because of how amazing it is, but also because it simply has one direction.  One direction + amazing writer = reading list worthy
This remind me of my best friend doing and saying, well not the exact thing but so what a like, but you get my point. It was just a crazy moment. This book is very interesting.
As soon as I started reading this it was so familiar, haha!
                                    Just scrolled down the comments and there I am a bit ago!
                                    So I won't leave another long comment, but I see you've fixed them mistakes!:D
                                    Eeee well done!
                                    Your writing is really good:)
I would've thrown her out the window haha jk jk Okay, so far I like, minus the screaming chick, but its still good. And I have to say your writing is really good :) Good job on describing what was happening around them :)
I love this! Your really talented, your writing is very descriptive, I'll definately keep reading!