SeCReTS~ (Pikase! Piko x Fukase)

SeCReTS~ (Pikase! Piko x Fukase)

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EuphoricWysteria By EuphoricWysteria Updated Aug 07, 2017

Hey guys, this is my redo of Pikase! I will use my now developed Headcanons for this, so hopefully it will give me more motivation and inspiration to update it more often than I did with the old one?? Hopefully, I'll be more satasfied with this, so this one will go better than the other-
I'm trying my hardest here-

Anyways, this genre will have more, excitement-(?)
It will be a mix of Drama/Suspense/Romance.
It will still have floof, don't worry.

Aaaaaaand, if you guys like this, and want me to do it, after I finish it, or get halfway done I MIGHT do a lemon one-shot of Pikase.

That's a big IF-

Well, I'll stop talking now, and just enjoy the story!

I'll try to update at least twice a week, if I can, or if I'm satasfied.

Cover Art by Ookamii!
I love your art!

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