The new Alpha of Nyah Morgan’s pack has aligned with dark forces and his plans for Nyah break the most absolute of Lycan Laws. With her entire pack under his thrall she turns rogue. Problem is, her wolf has been suppressed, and staying on the run from her Alpha is not easy when his Shaman’s curse has her practically human. When Nyah stumbles onto unfamiliar Lycan territory the law-abiding Alpha, Dean Carson, threatens to return her to her pack but an unexpected discovery soon changes his mind. Determined not to put her Mate in danger Nyah is forced into making a decision when her Alpha closes in. Her bound wolf is slowly killing her, both her Alpha and her Mate can save her, but which one will she choose, and at what cost? Bound is Book One in the Turning Moon Series.
I so saw this coming. I bet he has brainwashed almost every pack member.