It All Started with a Private Session

It All Started with a Private Session

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WARNING : Sexual Content (mostly between lesbians) Is Throughout This Story. and some chapters are private. you may have to follow me to read them.

Candi, or rather Breanna, a young stripper, who strips to pay for law school. She was disowned by her parents once she came out the closet as a lesbian. She feels a deep attraction to a girl she gives a private session too. 

Ness, or rather Vanessa, is a sexy butch who has a son. She constantly gets cheated on and fed up. She gives one last chance to Candi, but Will it be a waste of time or can they overcome their obstacles? 

Read and find out.

six inch heeeelsss, she walked in the club like nobody business... goddaammnnnnnnn she murdered everybody and i was her witness
realmckoy realmckoy Jul 31, 2016
"Post to be" now "Wet the bed".  Hmm this is a Chris Brown themed book. Amma play his album while I read lol
ZAllDaii ZAllDaii Oct 14, 2016
Got damn..Got damn
                              She went from stripper to prostitue in a snap of a finger.
                              But I ain't judging cause I need to read some good sexing. Sex it up my dudes. Shìt 😂
lil_rebel_manda lil_rebel_manda Mar 25, 2016
She is wearing pumps...  she took them off and swung them in the other hand as she  walked on the beach holding on to Ness .. she was really g falling for her and wondered if it was visible
bulalangchuang bulalangchuang Nov 29, 2016
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hornystud99 hornystud99 Dec 19, 2016
So damn delicious 😋! Can't wait to read more of your deliciousness