♥Color Doesnt Matter♡

♥Color Doesnt Matter♡

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"I dont care what your color is baby all I want is you"  Mareo says. 

Diamond Lane is new to the country and what she doesnt know is that she will have a hard time. Where her grand parents live Colors and whites dont get along like they should. But all people arent the same. Diamond meets Mareo Vasquez a emo boy with a heart made of gold the only problem they face is......their two different colors. 

Will they become friends and see if things will work or will they leave each other alone and continue the segregation? 

Read on and see....♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥

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Sorry MK bag. The only designer bags I have are U.M.E
                              Under my eyes.
melis9900 melis9900 Mar 16
My mom's Mexican, Native American and Japanese and my father is Irish, Polish, and Czechoslovakian 
                              I'm very mixed lmao
Pillownbed Pillownbed Apr 18
Lol. I'm a pure race.
                              Not mixed within the last 50 generations.
                              Nothing special.
                              I'm guessing pure races are very rare these days.
Just because nobody married anyone who looks mix doesn't mean you're pure. Nobody's just one race everybody's mix with something. Jesus that gets on my nerves
withcolor withcolor Jun 07
No disrespect but its kind of rare to come across a story where the main character is just black having short hair and not hair that cones all the way down their back. It gets boring after a while 😕
Mom: mexican, 3 different types of indian/native american 
                              Dad:Haitian, french, polish, german, arawak indian