Being In Love With The Badboy❤

Being In Love With The Badboy❤

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Aphrodite❤️ By JustCallMeAphrodite Updated Aug 07, 2016

Chrystalinda love is a shy and sweet 17 year old girl who has a major crush on the schools badboy/playboy, Ryan levy, who she thinks is the sexiest guy on earth (which she's probably right.)

Ryan levy is a 17 year old sexy,arrogant,and egotistical badboy/playboy who can get any girl he wants. He's super bad-ass, so if you dont know the definition of Bad-ass just take a look at Ryan and you'll know what it means right away. He's the type of guy every girl would swoon over and he's very aware of that.

What will happen when these two literally bump into eachother? Will Chrystalinda's dream of Ryan liking her come true? Will Ryan fall for chrystalinda, his "kitten"? What will happen between these two? Read and find out!

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Can Lachowski quit being so damn hot 🔥🔥🔥💦💦❤
AfricanMoMo AfricanMoMo Feb 26, 2016
"Like you." Well In my case he doesn't even know of my existence.  Lol there's nothing i could do but laugh.
callmeliv callmeliv Sep 26, 2015
Really cray-cray lol  major throwback to like 3rd grade haha
adrianaaltamirano13 adrianaaltamirano13 Apr 02, 2015
                              HE HOT
JustCallMeAphrodite JustCallMeAphrodite Mar 06, 2015
thanks girlie!!! And yassss he amazing and perffff❤️❤️❤️!!! Xxxx @TerriMarie5125
JustCallMeAphrodite JustCallMeAphrodite Feb 04, 2015
@xxlaklakxx Sure whatever helps enjoy the book better! I'll try❤ Thanks for telling me! xxxx