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Zoya By orion623 Updated Jan 19

~ A tale of a friendship crushed and  an affection triumphed ~
Best Ranking : #12 in General Fiction

Shravan and Suman, Childhood best friends, inseparable so to say. Suman, a feisty and hot headed girl, her only goal in life, to be accepted post her parents death. Shravan, the docile, nerdy guy, his only goal, to put a smile on his inner circle's face. His unproclaimed love for Suman was the reason for his constant torment. Shravan's Parents, although alive, were at constant loggerheads. One ill fated day, his Mother walked out on them and in his weakest moment; when he needed his best friend, his Suman the most, she snubbed him in the worst possible way and left him to rot in pain. 

Shravan decided to leave for London, collecting the broken pieces of his life, his resolve solid, to never look back. But would it be so easy to let go of unrequited love? Would Suman ever realise her subconscious need to be with him stems from a much deeper emotion? 

This is their story of love and hate, peace and war, their path to becoming soul mates. 

P. S. The story is written in English, but it does consist a mix of Urdu and Hindi transliterations too.