We Are The Pokemon, & We Don't Need You Anymore

We Are The Pokemon, & We Don't Need You Anymore

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Madi & Collette By TheFreedomFighters Completed

We are the Pokémon, and we don't need you anymore.  

What started as an act of revenge, something so simple as getting back at the people that killed our trainer, became so much more than that...and now  what? Well, now...we are leading a rebellion.

[Book 1 in the We Are The Pokémon series]

thatB0Yshipper thatB0Yshipper Dec 23, 2016
And this, my friends, is called a hooker. And I took the bait. Now I need more
puppdoggy puppdoggy Dec 22, 2016
Roses are red
                              Honey is sticky
                              I had three words
                              That escalated quickly
I know, make it into a sequel and it will be 👌 but apart from that I love it like I said in my previous comment
xBenHendriex xBenHendriex Dec 05, 2016
But later she is saying "the pain ripped through my veins" and "it was not" complying that she knows what it feels like meaning she was evolving, I don't understand this part of the story
Pokemoniac420 Pokemoniac420 Dec 22, 2016
It was very descriptive and dramatic, I cried a little. You you should definitely continue this.
greely-evie greely-evie Jan 13
So cool i like how snivy wants to know how does evolving feels like and then snivy evolved