The perfect submissive

The perfect submissive

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Loving_you By Wondeful Updated Sep 08, 2015

Have you every want to be a submissive? If you have then you have something in common with Olivia. If you have no by the end of this you will want to be. 

Explicit language and content!!! This is your warning so don't not comment about it. 
mature ages of 18 and above. But all you kids under age if you are reading bad, bad kids!!! 

enjoy mature adults and enjoy the dreams that come with. 
read at your own risk and DO NOT STEAL MY STORY!!!

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MarkPodesta MarkPodesta Mar 17, 2017
That did it for me the word "nigga".   The black people get upset at white folks using that word and then they turn around use it.   Someone needs to make up their minds.
pandora_the_panda pandora_the_panda Jul 23, 2017
OMG you don't have to cuss every sentence to talk. Please stop doing it so much.
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Oct 15, 2017
I can't tell if your a white person trying to write a story in the point if view of a black person, or a black person who doesn't know how to write a sentence without a cuss word like Jesus calm down
xXstoryjunkieXx xXstoryjunkieXx Jun 07, 2017
You can tell this person is from some place where they talk like this like a lot
lovewolfs12 lovewolfs12 Dec 30, 2016
You need to stop saying nigga in every sentence. They actually have a name other the nigga. I'm aboriginal myself. And that's just plan mean. So stop writing it in every sentence please?... I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just stating something
toniteebaby toniteebaby Mar 11, 2016
Why do I have her walking in slow motion dam I done jump into thethis character  good job