Call me Squib

Call me Squib

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Book One of the Call Me Series 

Embry Malfoy was thrown aside by her family at the age of three, treated as nothing more than a servant. Tortured by those who were supposed to protect her. She never understood why she didn't receive a Hogwarts letter, not until she overhears hers parents arguing when she is thirteen. 

Embry manages to escape Malfoy Manor and enter a world that believed she was dead. Finding herself in the care of the Weasley family Embry struggles to make a life for herself, to learn to trust people. Little does she know, the more she lowers her walls the more confusing her life will become.

What have Embry's parents really been keeping from her all these years?

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- - Feb 23, 2016
I love how that she can cuss in her head when there is a crisis going on
FrostPegasus FrostPegasus Apr 05, 2016
I can't wait until Molly finds out what they did to her cause then she's gonna whip their asses
lilytheflyingunicorn lilytheflyingunicorn Nov 26, 2015
I keep accidentally reading her name as embry riddle because that's the name of my dream university lol