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You Take my Breath Away ( A Dramione Veela Story )

You Take my Breath Away ( A Dramione Veela Story )

52.7K Reads 1.8K Votes 12 Part Story
Isabella By MissBellaRhea Updated Aug 28, 2016

The bad have gone good. The dirty have become the clean. Enemies become friends. Veelas are everywhere and searching for their mates. What could go wrong at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Read to see what happens to Hermione, Draco, Ginny, and Blaise.

I guess that one way to tell him........🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Dam_Snackbar_666 Dam_Snackbar_666 Oct 10, 2016
Narcissa: Happy 20th Birthda-
                              Lucius: **** I should have listened to you and told him earlier 
                              Narcissa: NO **** SHERLOCK
gummienummie gummienummie Oct 23, 2016
My mom:How old is he? He have kids? He a virgin? Better be a damn virgin...That's nice dear...wait say what!!! He did what I don't think I heard you right....
Itsahustlesweetheart Itsahustlesweetheart Nov 23, 2016
True Love? Room of Requirement? Woman, you're making it too obvious😂😂
AbandonedMaruader AbandonedMaruader Oct 02, 2016
Um a half  + a half = a full, so Draco is a full veela. Sorry if I sound rude or anything
DevilsLittleAngel26 DevilsLittleAngel26 Dec 21, 2016
Wait, why does she want to do quidditch all of a sudden? I thought she didn't like it.