Katherine | Wattys 2018

Katherine | Wattys 2018

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Rosie By Rosie_Posie1 Completed

In the winter of 1998, a horrific tragedy had taken place, only this would never be forgotten, for it will effect the minds of others for decades to come...

 Twenty years after the incident, winter is beginning yet again. When Lauren Craw moves to Manchester, a small town surrounded by farmland and trees, Manchester is also home to Willow Way, a mental institution for the insane. Lauren will be the nurse to Charlotte Winston, who was the previous owner's wife. 
  Not all is how it seems however when Lauren arrives. She was first told she would look after a patient with depression with psychosis. Instead, she is placed in the ward with the most violent of patients, something Lauren was not anticipating. She also finds out Charlotte is not like the others, she doesn't seem as if she has committed a violent crime. All she does is cry out for a little girl she lost twenty winters ago. 

  When the truth begins to unfold, the true horrors of the winter of 1998 will leave Lauren baffled, as the twisted dark tale of Katherine and her family comes to light. 

- Won 3rd Place in the "Golden Stars Awards" in the Mystery/Thriller Category!
- Won 1st place in the "Sunflower Awards" in the Mystery/Thriller Category

 - Reviewed by @alysha40025201

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Rosie_Posie1 Rosie_Posie1 Aug 23, 2017
I was hoping that she would she was the closet In could find 😊
Dante_Greywolf Dante_Greywolf Aug 23, 2017
Lauren could easily be mistaken for an older Kitty though ;)
Terraniel Terraniel May 01, 2018
The third paragraph of the summary doesn't seem to make much sense. I think you're missing some words, or have too many. Since it's the first thing we see of the story, maybe you want to check it out.
Eyespitfire Eyespitfire Dec 11, 2018
Neat idea for the cover, with the face smudged out.  Very intriguing!
Rosie_Posie1 Rosie_Posie1 Aug 08, 2018
Hey thanks! I never know what to write for the blurb, and I feel like I say too much. This really helps 😁