Beauty and The Beast(Klaus Mikaelson)

Beauty and The Beast(Klaus Mikaelson)

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Arabella Salvatore has done something horrible back in the day to a certain Original Hybrid. Can he forgive her? Can she forgive herself? Even though she did what she did; Arabella loves Niklaus Mikaelson more than anyone could realise. 

"You see yourself as the beast and I as your beauty. But you are more perfect to me than any other"- Arabella Salvatore

I don't own the Vampire Diaries or The Originals! I only own Arabella Salvatore

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Wednesday-E-C Wednesday-E-C Jun 21, 2017
I've been learning German and I knew every single word I love this book
maddiebrookemobley maddiebrookemobley May 13, 2017
never mind i'm so dumb i was thinking of a completely different year 😑
Missvickster Missvickster Apr 28, 2017
I'm Dutch, but in English I mostly have an English accent, I can also have a more American accent. I don't really understand it. But I've got that British accent cuz I was obsessed with the HP films when I was about 8
AlecNAce AlecNAce Dec 26, 2017
I had two references run through my mind
                              1. Always
                              2. *sings* tale as old as time
danania danania Apr 25, 2016
Funny Thing i live in Germany and am speaking German 😂😂 unterstood withou to read the english: how do they say in German nice Chapter?! Gutes Kapitel, tolle Geschichte! 💋
                              Actually i also Added a 'super story' though 😂😊
AdeleBruckner AdeleBruckner Sep 17, 2016
Wie heißt du?😂😂 but I'm from czech so I have to shut up. (I learn Deutsch but... Ehm.) This is the best STORY I've seen.