Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance (COMPLETE)

Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance (COMPLETE)

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Now revised and being released on Amazon: (it's in KU so you can borrow it for free.)

In a tribe of stallion shifters, Alvarr is smaller and more delicate than the rest of the herd.  But he is also a rare stallion mage, a male horse shifter who can perform magic - a talent only found in mares.

The other herd members mistrust Alvarr and his powers over the earth.  Even the strong, commanding lead stallion, Laren, keeps his distance.  His rejection of the smaller mage hurts, until the Time of Mating brings them together...
Be warned - this story contains M/M SEX SCENES.  Mature readers only.

COMPLETE - Now revising for publishing on Amazon.  If Amazon doesn't bong me, I'll leave this version up too, because the published version will have some changes.  Hopefully, for the better...