Sinful [malexmale]

Sinful [malexmale]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

[sequel to Redemption] Raven takes his job seriously, so there's no way he has time for his own personal stalker, Devereaux, the Deadly Sin of Lust. But with war breaking out between Hell and Hades, Dev might be the only salvation he has. [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and content that may be offensive to some readers]
Trigger Warning: Rape, Abuse, Kidnapping

THIS IS PART OF A SERIES. READ THE UNDERWORLD CHRONICLES FIRST (starts with "Inferi") THEN THIS TRILOGY (which starts with "Redemption").

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It's crazy how I was just a confused boy since Inferi and look at me now. I'm at the 11th book and all I could think of is this.
But... isn't Dev technically a whore? (I'm a rereader but I'm respecting new readers. Love this book so much that after reading it I had to read it again. That's how good this is.) But seriously, Dev has sex with like... everyone so wouldn't that make him a whorw?
Royceston Royceston 3 days ago
I’d listen to daddy dearest too. If he told me to jump off a cliff, I’d jump.
Royceston Royceston 3 days ago
I like how Hades has a problem with all his sons being gay but Lucifer is totally fine with it when it comes to his sons.
That D...
                              ...iploma. He obviously requires someone with an education.
I should but one more book ...YEAH SOUNDS GREAT