Sinful [malexmale]

Sinful [malexmale]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

[Book 10] Raven takes his job seriously, so there's no way he has time for his own personal stalker, Devereaux, the Deadly Sin of Lust. But with war breaking out between Hell and Hades, Dev might be the only salvation he has. 

[Warning: Contains graphic adult themes]
[Trigger: Rape, Abuse, Kidnapping]

© rotXinXpieces
Cover Art © vishstudio

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ReGiNa-C ReGiNa-C Jan 06
I'm really sorry but the rereaders need to stop with the hints at what might happen! You all need to STOP!
Mmeeeeeeeee. My hair can be really coarse and nappy (cursed with the worse black people hair at one point) and whenever my sister does it, tears. Just tears.
Eh. I'm learning slowly what kind of sushi I'm into and what types to stray from
But not for mine. Hey, my name is Gay Anxiety but you can just call me Depressed for short. Much appreciated
That's insulting to the chihuahuas
                              My Chihuahua's only bit me
I'm so used to turtlenecks, I have expected Dev to be wearing a tight black V-neck turtleneck