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The 25th Annual Hunger Games

The 25th Annual Hunger Games

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Donnie D. By TheRisingStar Updated Apr 27, 2012

The first Quarter Quell has been announced, and when President Rust ascends the stage to give the stipulation for this Quell, a burden of heavy heartedness is placed upon each and every Panem Citizen. 
 “Citizen’s of Panem,” A deep booming voice rang, “It is time for the very first Quarter Quell!”
Cheers erupted from the Capitol audience. “At the end of the dark days, a committee of very wise men and women had created the event known as the Quarter Quell. This event would take place every 25 years. Each Quell would have a brand new stipulation for the Hunger Games which will add a new twist to the fun!” 
The audience was roaring with excitement.
“Such stipulations were planned in that very meeting so that no conflict of interests would sway the Quell. So without further ado,” Rust reaches into a small box an envelope labeled 25, gingerly opening it and letting the crowd become silent with joyous anticipation. 
He draws a small card from the envelope and a devilish grin curves the edges of his feral mouth.
“In order to remind each remaining District that it was their very own citizens who rose against the Capitol that loved them so very much, each district will elect a male and female tribute by democratic vote to compete in the 25th annual Hunger Games!” 
The President smiled with a ghastly expression “With that being said, Districts of Panem, May the odds ever be in your favor!”

JoshMills4 JoshMills4 May 25, 2012
I love the twist! that is so clever!
                              I love hows your telling the story from the perspective of district 1. 
                              I cant wait to
KatietheCaterpillar KatietheCaterpillar Apr 16, 2012
So, I really like this. It's creative and it's not taking place in a games that occurs in the book. I like it. Alot. :)
Robokitt Robokitt Apr 15, 2012
@Dowenmedia i've always thought the name sapphire was a pretty name. And I like copper 2 XD
TheRisingStar TheRisingStar Apr 15, 2012
@Robokitt Thanks!!!
                              You'll just have to wait and see!
                              By the way,  do you like their names, Copper and Sapphire?
Robokitt Robokitt Apr 15, 2012
First to comment YEAH! Anywho... I think its messed that the coop and sapp are going to have to kill eachother, I think im going to cry if that happends T T. But good start I love it I cant wait for more. XD ur a fantastic writer upload soon!!!