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I Kissed Her Scars

I Kissed Her Scars

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Cindy ^__^ By cindywuzheer Completed

Highest rank: #239 in Teen Fiction

Emo Emma is what they call her. She has cuts all over her skin, she listens to 'screamo' music, she smokes, she does drugs, and she is an outcast from everyone. Everyone does all the can to stay away from her. Until a popular boy named Connor starts talking to her... To realize that she actually isn't the person people made her out to be.

"I look in the mirror, and I tell myself: "You're still uncool." And that makes me happy." --Gerard Way
If you haven't smoked weed before, you haven't lived. Plus smoking weed is good for you that's why people have med. cards
IKR! Everyone at my school thinks I do drugs and drink cause I'm emo!!
*speaks to her like she is two (she is two actually)* when people get really sad, people try to cope with it in many ways.
It takes a lot to show something that's so personal to you...Keep writing it's really good
People, stop being offended, they call it fan FICTION for a reason. They probably didn't mean what they said about screamo. Besides, how can people hate screamo? Pierce the Veil & Bring Me the Horizon are life :D