Cuts, Scars, & Bruises.

Cuts, Scars, & Bruises.

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TooBlondeForThis By TooBlondeForThis Updated Jan 13, 2013


"Now, I’ll be telling my story.  A story that I wish could have a different ending.  But it can’t, my story is written.

Written, in the blood and tears I shed during those horrific 16 years. 
Written, in the alcohol and liquor my father consumed
Written, in the fear and obedience he demanded of me.
Written, in my hatred and fear of him. 

And now

Told by my Cuts, Scars, and Bruises."

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I was rape at 10 and abused since i was 4 now im afraid of boy.and have really bad trust issues and i cant go a week without cutting
Sorry but isn't it jut millions? Billions would be over 1/7 of the world and that's not realistic
Camalatte Camalatte 6 days ago
For people who need to talk or support know that I'm always willing to listen. ❤️I  know I am a stranger but I'm still will to listen.
emo_feels emo_feels Dec 03
No one deserved that. No matter where you come from, what you believe in or what you look like you do matter. I want everyone to know that you do matter. You are beautiful. And you are loved.
Savage_Cupcake Savage_Cupcake Jul 20, 2016
If any of you need someone to talk to just message me and I'm all ears. It's not right for you guys to have to deal with this alone and not have anyone to talk to. I'm really loyal and you can talk to me don't be afraid. I'm here 💖
burke_515 burke_515 Jun 12, 2016
To everyone who gets abused or self-harms or is suicidal: If you ever need to talk, you can message me. I'm on here most of the time... Please don't hurt yourself, but I know it's not that simple. Please talk to me if you need to 😔😣😢