Fire & Ash (#2 in The Untold Series)

Fire & Ash (#2 in The Untold Series)

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We didn’t know what waited for us, when we woke that fateful day. Tremors from beneath the earth where common to us and that were all this was- or so we expected. The volcano that stood high among us, called Vesuvius, was always our friend and beauty in our country. We had woken to see it every morning, and slept knowing that it was there every night.  

Vesuvius became mad and sent fire flooding our streets and skies, thick ash covered our feet and the sky was darker then nights without the moon. We weren’t sure why Vesuvius turned on the city of Pompeii, but we knew it couldn’t be stopped.

  • ancient
  • ash
  • love
  • pompeii
  • reincarnation
  • roman
  • volcano

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