Peter Pan's Lost Girl (Sequel to My Lost Girl)

Peter Pan's Lost Girl (Sequel to My Lost Girl)

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"Isabella" I looked in front of me to see Tiger Lily.

"Tiger Lily" I looked around to see the curse destroying everything but a light surrounded me "What's going on?"

"The necklace my father gave you is an enchanted it will protect you and your memories"

I looked down at the necklace to see it glowing then back at her "Will I ever get back to Neverland?"

She nodded "Yes you will but you need to protect a child who is not born yet. This child has the heart of the truest believer, Coral needs the heart to be immortal forever"

"How will I know who this child is?"

"The child will come to you after he reads about your story in a book called 'Once Upon A Time' and a Savior who will restore everyone's memory" that said she slowly started to disappeared.

Bella now lives in Storybrooke with everyone from Fairy Tale land who have no memories of who they are but she does, then the Savior Emma Swan breaks the curse and everyone is back to normal but then a boy shows up to town named Taylor who falls in love with Bella and tries to get her to fall in love with him but her feelings for Peter Pan are strong.

Who is this Taylor and why does he want Bella to fall in love with him?

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BellaOK_ BellaOK_ Jan 25, 2014
NO A CLIFF HANGER!!! You are an amazing writer I love this story, keep up the amazing work!