Scars Upon My Heart

Scars Upon My Heart

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"Who's there?" my voice wavered as I was met with the previous tranquillity before as it descended upon the room, inching to every corner. Blatant fear coated every single word I had drawn out and harsh pants were leaving my mouth as I slowly pushed myself back. 
No one. You're imagining things again. It's no one. The inner voice within me attempted to console my frightened heart. Fall. Listen to yourself, it's no one. You're alone in this house. Nothing can possibly hur-

"Amoureux," an all too knowing voice drawled near my ear.

On instinct my blood froze as I felt as if I had been hit with a bucket of ice, paralysing my nerves and immobilising my ability to comprehend anything. 
I knew that nickname anywhere.
I whipped my head harshly, turning around as a blood curdling scream left my throat, chilling me to my bones. My heart sank as I simultaneously backed away from the male standing before me, that sinister smirk never leaving his cold face.

"I found you," 
 Fall Valentine is a stunning, reserved  17 year old London born, French derived teen, who moved to America in hopes that she would escape her abusive ex-fiancé.
All she wants to do is live her life without having to constantly look over her shoulder.
Coupled with the fact that strange things are happening to her body, her life is all but simple.
Little does she know, it's going to get hell of a lot more complicated.
Ethan Gray is an 18 year old, who spent his entire life training for his position as Alpha of the Storm Born Pack. Being focused on becoming the best that he can be, he simply never had the time for even thinking of mates, let alone finding his. 
Until now.
What happens when Ethan and Fall stumble across each other?
Will Fall let go of her inner demons and embrace the idea of Ethan?
Especially considering the fact that her past may be resurfacing quicker than she thinks?

  • angels
  • betrayal
  • french
  • love
  • romance
  • werewolves

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