Heaven on Earth: Terminus (Book 1)

Heaven on Earth: Terminus (Book 1)

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Stephen Aguilar By StephenAguilar Completed

"Coincidence follows the laws of fate."

The first in a trilogy of action packed, teen fiction books based on Angels, Demons and myths.  

After some controversial events in Heaven, can Azalea Chain's contentious views be seen as the truth and can she get her people's eyes to open? Her efforts soon become useless after she gets banished from Heaven and mysteriously disappears. Tom Richmond and Nathan Fletcher both lead separate insignificant lives but can fate lead them to their destinies?

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- The book is split in two parts which are then both split into two narrations.
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Table of Contents - 
Prologue: Fallen Angels  
Part 1: Trapped 
Chapter 1: Reflection 
Chapter 2: Barely Divine 
Chapter 3: Airborne 
Chapter 4: Intelligent 
Chapter 5: Disappear 
Chapter 6: Tormentor 
Chapter 7: Alleviate
Chapter 8: Incongruous
Chapter 9: Disclosure
Chapter 10: Insatiable
Part 2: Invaded
Chapter 11: Lost Cause
Chapter 12: Synergetic
Chapter 13: Inferno
Chapter 14: Elysium
Chapter 15: Volcanic
Chapter 16: Guidance
Chapter 17: Laced
Chapter 18: Void
Chapter 19: Chandelier
Chapter 20: Vendetta

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