Revenge (Mindcrack Fanfic)

Revenge (Mindcrack Fanfic)

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cookie/aviva By cookiekittyninga Updated Sep 23, 2015


The Mindcrackers have many challenges in store for them. When Pyro finds out that he, a Fire Mage is supposed to be mortal enemies with his big brother like best friend, the Water Mage, Etho, just before his first trip to the nether, disaster strikes. Meanwhile... Seth helps Vechs regain his wings, and soon realizes it was a big mistake. Nebris has to try and take care of his neice, Lyra. Beef and Pause have have the usual rivalry with the B-team, Bdubs and Genny. Kurt, an animus is spending his time trying not to let anyone, not even his best friends know he's got way more power than a normal animus. All the while the city they have all lived their whole lives in is on the verge of disaster. Everyone wants revenge, and for totally different things. That's not even scraping the surface.

(Cover by jjethoslab)

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