Going to Fandom School

Going to Fandom School

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Ziggy Laufeyson By Agent_Lady_Loki Updated Jul 01, 2017

Fandoms. They make up fangirls and boys dreams. They send children and adults alike in the tumbling world of "feels" and only some of them make them a reality.

And I don't mean cosplaying.

I mean meeting those people of dreams, stories and movies.

Talking to Sherlock Holmes like he was your father.

Greeting Tony Stark every morning like he was your neighbour.

Sitting down on the bus next to The Doctor as if you we're best friends.

But imagine having them as your teachers and faculty in your school...

Fandom School.

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OtakuUnidab OtakuUnidab Aug 01, 2017
Percy would just blow up the school I don't think he should be there
- - Oct 29, 2016
I have an unhealthy obsession with the legend of Zelda can someone help me 😂
- - Jun 15, 2015
This sounds awesome! I hope that I will write everything right. I'm from Germany, but I think it doesn't matter. Or does it?
freckledpunk freckledpunk Oct 15, 2014
elsdorado elsdorado Jul 24
I know he wasn't an avenger at the time but I call dibs on Peter