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A Crown of Bones |✔|

A Crown of Bones |✔|

1M Reads 65.1K Votes 61 Part Story
World Joy By world_joy_ Completed


There is a legend of forbidden fruit. Of those who venture within the darkness and take a bite, daring to be stolen by the keeper of death itself.

But in Korin's world, women are taken at their first bleeding to undergo a conversion. Some come back happy that the monster within them has been removed. Others never come back at all.

And some, like Korin, only come halfway back, with their minds poorly glued together, broken by the darkness they've seen.

Soon enough, her beauty is noticed, and she is offered up to the Wolf King as his bride.

But Korin wants more.

She has tasted the power she once had, before they ripped it from her soul.

And she's willing to eat the fruit for it.

Highest Rank:
Werewolf #31
Paranormal: #59

©Joy (world_joy_) All rights reserved

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