The Supreme Games - Book One

The Supreme Games - Book One

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It's been twenty-five years since Katniss Everdeen started a rebellion. What if she didn't win? What happens if President Snow continued the games? 

The 4th Quarter Quell is now upon Panem and there's a sick twist added. Five tributes from each district will compete in it. But wait...President Snow has decided that District 13 will participate in the games to remind them of who has supreme power. 

There will be three games. Districts 1-6 will participate in the first and Districts 7-13 will participate in the second. Each arena will have twelve victors, meaning that twenty-four victors all together will go into the Supreme Games where there will be one person left standing. The victor of the 100th Annual Hunger Games. May the odds be EVER in your favor...

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