The Art of Crime

The Art of Crime

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Ati By Author_Ati Updated Aug 17

After a horrible accident, Keetlyn is thrust into a fictional world of London's regency. Here, she is the daughter of Geoffrey Lestrade, a Scotland Yard Chief Inspector, and the late Caitlin McRiarty. Driven by an otherworldly sense, Kee uses her skills to help her father's partner, Tobias Greyson, to become London's teenage vigilante. 

But as she solves case after case, Keetlyn begins to remember reality, one that could destroy everything she'd built in London. Seeking the help of a peculiar and private investigator, Keetlyn awakes to a startling discovery.


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I would not know how to say Lestrade if it werent for Sherlock 😰😄😄😄
spookysaint spookysaint Nov 18, 2014
I love sherlock holmes and this looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait!
MiaBiaPia23 MiaBiaPia23 Aug 23, 2014
Awwww the feels :D This is the payment because of the trailer by the way :)
Alfaaz_ Alfaaz_ Aug 17, 2014
                              I absolutely loved it.........will definitely read on!
Cheeky_Kiki Cheeky_Kiki Jun 03, 2014
Oh, poopy. I misread on Wattpad. Instead of "two pages," I thought it said "two parts." *facepalm* My fails cause me to have high hopes... Can't wait to read more though!
AuthorMHAfa AuthorMHAfa Apr 29, 2014
Beautiful! There is so much mystery already! Looking forward to the next chapter!