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Ammaarah Samuel By serafinapekila Updated Feb 10, 2015

Live safe but worth nothing or live dangerous and worth everything?

15 year old Lara is caught up in a world she only thought existed in books. She soon becomes involved in an organisation called D.A.T.A. who claim they fight for a good cause. When she chooses to become a part of them, she realizes that there is no going back. Only when she's deep inside D.A.T.A. , secrets begin to unravle and Lara  realises that being part of an illegal operative group is the least of her worries.

16 year old Leon has been a part of D.A.T.A. for over a year now. Failing his test to become an agent means he will either be exterminated or let free to live one more time. However, being allowed freedom always comes at a price.

When Lara and Leon meet, they discover a whole new world. With the help of another agent inside D.A.T.A. , do the three of them dig deep into the roots of the organisation and find something unexpected. With all of this going on, Leon finds it a little odd how Lara is let of the hook all the time, and only when it's too late, he realizes why.

  • clones
  • comedy
  • danger
  • death
  • fiction
  • fighting
  • girl
  • guns
  • illegal
  • love
  • mystery
  • organisations
  • science
  • teenager
  • weapons
serafinapekila serafinapekila Sep 26, 2014
@FarahOomerbhoy she gets a hell lot more interesting so stick around, haha
serafinapekila serafinapekila Jul 20, 2014
@greka98 thanks to the advise. I'll make sure I edit it so that the plot is more understandable.
SofiGrek SofiGrek Jul 19, 2014
It's truly captivating I really want to find out what she learned and what she did! Can't wait for more!
- - Jul 05, 2014
@serafinapekila Ammaarah calm yourself, I comment a lot so calm your tits. Just ask Sara.
serafinapekila serafinapekila Jul 05, 2014
@Isoconfused so me? seriously, I don't even swear. At least come up with a better message to post so that I'll vote for your story
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what I meant was that, the fifth new person to comment would get the reward.. Haha