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To Love a Fighter

To Love a Fighter

1.6M Reads 48.3K Votes 22 Part Story
Minerva By xMinervax Completed

Dylan was the new the girl, the outsider. No one talked to her or even tried to help her through her first day. Being new was hard but being alone was worst. However, when she meets a violent and dangerous boy, she might have wished to be invisible again.
After that day, Dylan's life changed as the boy that she never wanted to meet again gets thrown into her life and has no intention of letting her go. Even if his past and his choices may get in their way and  threat everything they were fighting for.
When two people meet in awkward situations, what could result from that? Maybe more than everyone would expect…

I'm the 2nd popular table the eaiser ones to approach we talk to the popular table but we sit at the one next to it also we act the same as the "populars" we are just freshmen
amgormo amgormo Nov 27, 2016
So if I ever see a serial killer I can just say "YO IM IN LOVE WITH ANIMALS AND I LOVE PURPLE!" And I will most likely live?
Malika237 Malika237 Jan 12
No offence but I don't think one new girl would get that much attention
IAteYourCookieChild IAteYourCookieChild Dec 22, 2016
My guy friends always do that level of hotness, my BFF got a 10 and I got a 1
okaycoco okaycoco Dec 24, 2016
i study in an all girls school and all i could say is girls r really crazy😂
Hana_H88 Hana_H88 Nov 04, 2016
 #ftr les do this
                              Btw it's almost 3 am and I'm staring a new book... this means I won't sleep until I finish it