Long Lost Salvatore.    (The Vampire Diaries)

Long Lost Salvatore. (The Vampire Diaries)

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Elizabeth Salvatore, Beautiful daughter and sister. Dearly missed by all. 
  That's what her gravestone should have said but she never filled the plot that was prepared for her. With the blood of her best friend running through her veins when she died she awoken, but not as she was before. This time she had a thirst, not for water but for blood. She was a slave to the sun. With the help of her best friend she learnt to control the thirst, and began to live as she was.  Until the night of the battle. The hunt for her kind, many being drugged and taken to be burnt. She feared for her life but her fear grew as she watched her father kill her own brothers before her. 
  Stefan and Damon Salvatore, the lovers of the brutal Katherine Pierce. The only favour she ever did for Elizabeth was feeding her brothers vampire blood, allowing her brothers the life of immortality she now possessed. Her plan was to leave Mystic Falls with her brothers, now with the threat towards their kind she knew it was no longer safe for them to live here, as well as the fact her father killed her brothers. But the leaving didn't go to plan, as she said good bye to the one she loved most he betrayed her, threatening her life. Just when she thought the life she planned with her brothers was over, a certain someone came into the scene. Giving her the life he believed she deserved.
  please note: I do not own any character other than Elizabeth and Marco. Nor any of the content in the video. The titles of the chapters up until chapter six are my names past that are titles of the episodes the chapters relate too. (set in 2012.)
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writingWeirdo1226 writingWeirdo1226 Nov 23, 2016
Damon was definitely closer to Elizabeth then Stefan geez I'm starting to think Stefan hates her
LoraInSaiyan LoraInSaiyan Dec 25, 2016
Yep, I can see everyone thinks the same. Well I like Damon and his character more anyway... not really Stefan's fan... So I am glad he is the one who cares about his sister...
                              Hm, but yeah, I think they will be a little bit pissed off for not coming to them earlier.
MrsQueening MrsQueening Oct 25, 2016
I really think Damon loves her More than Stefan 
                              Stefan reacts so heartless
AlecSnow AlecSnow Jan 26, 2014
I really like your descriptions and I love the flashbacks. Great job!