the only one who matters is you - larry stylinson

the only one who matters is you - larry stylinson

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Louis Tomlinson... who doesn't know him? He's the 'bad-boy' of his town. Literally everybody knows his name, but nobody knows what he looks like. Parents don't want their childeren anywhere near him, because everybody knows he sells drugs, beats people for 'fun' and gods knows how much more. The police? yes they know as well and they are trying to catch him for almost 2 years!! 

Harry Styles... he is the comletely opposite of Louis. Harry works for the police,  but not as just an agent, no as a spy. They put him on louis case, because nobody can catch him. Nobody knows him in the beginning. He is just a student or something.  He tries to 'be friends' with louis tomlinson.  When they begin to get along, harry gets feelings for louis and louis for harry. He can't fail the mission, he just can't,  he never failed. And this time is no different.... right?

What will happen when they meet? Is louis going to risk his life for an agent who only want him in prison? How will Harry react if he finds out who Louis Tomlinson really is and looks past the 'bad-boy act'?

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