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The life of Arabella Carlisle 

The ups and downs of a teenager at her brink ,her mind clogged between the bottle or the blade it really doesn't matter ,one day one if them'll kill 

Arabella dazed at her reflection her skin pale as paper ;her  hazel eyes were now a pair of dull ,lifeless brown orbs  her lips were a satin ,blood red colour 
Was this the new her ?

Tears streamed down her face she couldn't believe the reflection she saw ,they finally took what's left of the joyful, ecstatic ,socialite Arabella Carlisle 

She thought  “why should I stay , I want a life with the angels ,helping those in need in help so why should I stay on earth a place where I only breath yet called nasty horrible words ,I should save them the breath they use ...."

“Causa Mortas ”as they say 

Society killed the teenager

Novella by suad mohamed

  • blood
  • cold
  • depression
  • girl
  • heart
  • ice
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