Never In Your Wildest Dreams (Harry Styles fanfic)

Never In Your Wildest Dreams (Harry Styles fanfic)

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Love_1Dx By Love_1Dx Updated Feb 09, 2014

Aluna is 18, she goes to Oaktile High School, lives in California. Best friends are Lauren and Chloe. Has long brown natural wavy hair, tan skin, and ocean blue eyes. Aluna and her friends Lauren and Chloe have moved to California because their mom's jobs are having them move because the office is getting to full.

Harry is the bad boy in Oaktile with his best mates Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. All the kids know not to mess with him, but Aluna being the new kid first year in Oakhill has Harry going after her.

Being Aluna's first year in college she immediately becomes popular and the bad girl in Oaktile doesn't like her and plans to get rid of her........

P.S. Just to let you guys know again, in this fanfic they aren't famous.
I know that this book doesn't sound like a good book but trust me if you keep reading it will be(:

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