In What We Believe

In What We Believe

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nurse2 By nurse2 Updated Jul 18, 2014


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After meeting in a freshers party 2years ago, 3rd year university students Kali Morgan and Connor Davies decide to move in together.

 Little did they know, about the dangers that lay in waiting in the shadows, constantly watching and waiting...... 

Kali and Connors bond is about to be tested and pushed to its limits....

...Will Connors trust in Kali be enough?? 

.....Will Kali's lack of faith be her undoing??? 

.......or will hope and strength be found in Kalis long forgotten and abandoned belief???????

HI, thanks for taking the time to read my first attempt at writing, it means the world. All helpful criticism is appreciated. Any questions, feel free to msg me.

Thanks again ♥♣■◆


  • romance
  • suspense
  • unrequitedlove
  • vampire
wideawake_13 wideawake_13 Apr 08, 2014
Was there meant to be more to this? I can only see one page and it just seems to kind of end?
FireFly24 FireFly24 Mar 27, 2014
Good start! Question where are you helps me get a better understanding of other nit from America...a lot of lingo and the way the school systems are different from what I have experienced!
nurse2 nurse2 Mar 24, 2014
@ellarose12  yep ive still not figured out how to word the blurb thingy.... will try and do it tonight. thank yoy too for all your encouragement xx
nurse2 nurse2 Mar 24, 2014
@PerfectChemistryx  REALLY??? im not sure about that. but a huge thankyou for reading this  :-)
nurse2 nurse2 Mar 19, 2014
@ellarose12 lol, im so nervous!! ive planned it all out so just got to continue with writing now. Thx u for  adding it! I may start bombarding u with all my worries soon :-)