By Faith Not Fear || Crest Chronicles || Book One

By Faith Not Fear || Crest Chronicles || Book One

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Cornelius Day By artistic-solitude Updated Jan 23, 2014

In Ophelia's world, being born with the ability is a gift. If you are, you are swept away as a toddler and sent to the Brightenor's Castle, a school that's whole purpose is to house and train Exceptionals to use their ability to benefit Aeodine. It is all Ophelia has ever known.

When terror strikes the village and a family is killed by what appears to be an Exceptional not in the castle, all hell is bound to break loose. Ophelia and her peers are recruited to help the legion track and kill all Rogue Exceptionals throughout the land. But when all you've ever known is behind stone walls, how are you to cope with life outside?

As it becomes clear that something greater is out to destroy them, Ophelia and her friends must make the decision to form an alliance with the Rogues and stop the fate coming to Aeodine.

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NeverSayIWouldntDare NeverSayIWouldntDare Feb 09, 2014
Gave it a read, and it's pretty good, but could use A LOT of work. :)
Madness27 Madness27 Jan 29, 2014
I really like it! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next update!