I  love you no matter what (Updating Slowly)

I love you no matter what (Updating Slowly)

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~♡~ Kailani ~♡~ By Kailani_Kay Updated May 25, 2016

Zoey is a 19 year old werewolf. She lives with her aunt because her parents were too strict for her liking.

Zoey likes to party.

One night she goes to a party. For once she notices her surroundings. She realizes that her life could've been better. Her parents weren't just being hard asses. They were looking out for her.

That same night, Andrew, the Alpha's son and future alpha, decides that Zoey isn't partying hard enough for him. He thinks she needs to loosen up a little. So he slips a little something in her drink.

Weeks later, Zoey realizes that she's pregnant. She confronts Andrew and tells home that he got her pregnant. He immediately gets angry and begins hitting her.

To protect herself and her baby, she escapes and runs off into the woods immediately shifting. 
She runs for almost a day straight until she finds herself in Fallen Moon Pack territory. 

She is captured and brought to the Alpha. 

Who just happens to be her mate.....

Will he accept her being pregnant by someone else? Or will he. reject her?

What happens when the baby is born? Where will she go if her mate rejects her? Going back to her family will only prove to them that she's irresponsible. She has to find a way to take care of herself and make sure the baby has everything he/she needs.

Terrible Description but give it a chance

*****Fabulous cover made by: Nialls_CrayCray_Mofo

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