Alice : A Magical Story [Under Heavy Editing]

Alice : A Magical Story [Under Heavy Editing]

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Mihika By Mk_Dakes02 Completed

Lucy Heartfilia. 16 years old with blonde hair and brown eyes, never saw her dad and lost her mother when she was 7 years old, that's when she found out that she had an Alice. A kind of power only few people possess. 

She enters Alice Academy after she turns 16 years and meets and befriends many people.

But the question is, what Alice/Alices does she have? 

And what happened to her before she came to Alice Academy? 

Does she have any dark secrets?

And will she fall in love in the process?

Read to find out.

Slight swear words. Do not read if you don't like swearing.

Started: August 5 2017
Completed: February 21 2018