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"If you're walking through hell, keep going" -Winston Churchill

My whole life I have been protected by my 5 older brothers. Jermey, who is a sophomore,
Jeremiah, who is also a sophomore, Jordan, a junior, Jake, a junior, Joshua, a junior. But the thing is these boys are some of the most feared people in my school, and I am there little sister. I am Julia, I am the Bad Boys' Little Sister.     

By- BlueLamp2006

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pandapuffs pandapuffs Aug 29
..same with the boyfriends but its BC I like the single life tbh
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matihern22 matihern22 Aug 22
Well first you have to turn on your phone then go to your apps then press snapchat and scroll down a little until you see my name
Sry but everyonw has what's the colour? Oh and I am seriously alrwady enjoying thw story
Lunela7116 Lunela7116 Aug 21
No im taken bye
                              *walks out*
                              One of the brothers: WAIT YOUR TAKEN!?
                              me: Taken by foooodddd
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