The Rogue Mate

The Rogue Mate

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Hannah By hannah_t Completed

After the murder of my uncle and three ranch hands, I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit and tossed into prison for first degree murder. 

I expected to live out my life sentence, filled with violence and uncertainty. But when my circumstances change once again, three years later, I'm released and paid a hefty sum for my silence. 

Determined to move on with my life I move back to the farm my deceased uncle left me. Things soon become complicated when the ranch stock soon begin turning up dead and strange men come knocking on my door.

*Forth book in The Mate series. No you don't have to read the previous books.*

Cover by IsaSecret.

nerdyturtle_ nerdyturtle_ Jun 26, 2016
Really awkward because I know a guy named Evan Taylor in real life👀
MartianVampire14 MartianVampire14 Jan 27, 2016
should I read something before this book since it's the forth?
Madness_320 Madness_320 Mar 15, 2016
"So this is it, there sendin me down death row..."
                              -Too Young To Die movie😪
Lama_Qurashi Lama_Qurashi Jan 18, 2016
So it says in the description that this is the fourth book ? So if the books are in series can someone tell me what's the order?
ScaredSkeletonGirl ScaredSkeletonGirl Dec 16, 2015
@Nature_Gal  read this fuckin book! Okay? I wanna talk with you about it! My emotions are dead!
sweettink29 sweettink29 Sep 17, 2014
I'm very interested now more than ever since I am from Birmingham Alabama and know all about dear " Tutwiler" prison.