On Light and Stone

On Light and Stone

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Sean Immak By Sean_Immak Completed

A father murdered.

A killer in the guise of a friend.

And the choice ... that led him into darkness.

An exile of the undercity of Brennus, Greth wanted only one thing: to be left alone to adventure. Yet when news reaches him of his father's murder, he's forced to return home.

There, and beneath the white and flickering lights and cavernous walls of Brennus, he is offered one chance to regain his standing as a subject of Brennus' king. The choice, on the surface, is simple enough: avenge his father ... kill a prisoner. But Greth soon learns that the prisoner is none other than Gale Brederick, a man whose decency once showed Greth another way for his two peoples. 

...A way, perhaps, to put an end to a hundred years of war. 

Does Greth, then, execute his childhood friend? Or should he leave his father's apparent murderer to rot in a gray cell beneath the earth? 

All is not as it seems ...


⭐️ "I LOVED IT. It was amazing, and if I had a solid copy it would sit right up there with my favorites!" --Fardariesmai97, author of Moonshadow and longtime epic fantasy and anime fan. 

⭐️"I really enjoyed the story all the way through. Good mix of adventure and mystery and plenty of light hearted comedy." --M.A.B. Holloway, author of the Disjointed Tales of Renryre Island and fan of Monty Python and epic fantasy.

⭐️Highest ranks achieved: #1/288,000 in fantasy, #1/209,000 in action, #3/221,000 in mystery, and #1/282,000 in adventure. (Ranks achieved between November 3rd and December 6th, 2019.)

***Professional line-editing done by Max Dobson at the Polished Pen.

****Content warning: this book contains intense scenes of battle, morally questionable situations, and some profanity.