Love At First Sight (Jeremy Gilbert Love Story)

Love At First Sight (Jeremy Gilbert Love Story)

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Name: Bailey Salvatore (Portrayed by Selena Gomez)

Age: Looks 15 (Really at least 160)

Nicknames: Kiddo, Squirt, Little Shrimp Cocktail (ALL by Damon ONLY) Bai (pronounced Bay) (Jeremy)

Family: Giuseppe Salvatore (Father, Deceased) Damon Salvatore (Older Brother) Stefan Salvatore (Older Brother) Zach Salvatore (Distant Nephew/ "Uncle")

Good Friends: Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan

Best Friends: Lexi, Vicki Donovan (Later), Jeremy Gilbert, Caroline Forbes (Later), Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore 

Crush: Jeremy Gilbert

Fears: Birds, fire, & losing her loved ones

Personality: Sweet, stubborn, caring, selfless, refuses to compel or hurt anyone, drinks from animals (only if she has to) and blood bags, loves her friends and family and will do anything for them. Close with both of her brothers but closer to Damon. If anyone hurts her the Salvatores will kill you, mostly Damon.
"Goes along with the show as best as I can. I have the sa...

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