We Are Married?! (PUBLISHED under Pop Fiction)

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Candy By iheartcandiii Completed
You are a sixteen year old high school student living on a house with your Geometry teacher who comes to be your husband. Wow, what a life! © iheartcandiii 2012
It's fictional, so the author can change anything on what she prefers. And yes, the legal age to get married here in the Philippines is 18, but still with parent's consent. :)
Curious... hehehe...
                                    Never thought that a 16 years old can be married here in the Philippines :-)
                                    As far as I know,  only 18 years old and above can enter into marriage.
                                    Really interesting story... I really want to read this story. Love it.
Nakita ko na napublish na pala ang story na ito :) Congrats sa author ^___^V
Congrats author for being published :) I knew whwen they announced Im familiared when they announced it. One of your silent reader :).Congrats
Buti nalang hindi ko to natapos dati. Mabibili ko na  yung book. ^^
Miss ko na talaga tong story na to. Nung dineactivate ko yung isang account ko, hindi ko na to nahanap ulit. FINALLY! NAKITA NA ULIT  KITAAA <3