Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X  Reader) Modern (AU)

Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X Reader) Modern (AU)

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thirdprincesDilan By thirdprincesDilan Updated Oct 20

Y/N is an ordinary 14 year old girl that love Anime and a big fan of Black Butler one day she stumbled on a box that is filed with adorable little Kittens that turns out to be the BB characters.

Black butler is not mine or the pictures. 

OK so the names of the kittens will be based on my other book the 'Black Butler X Reader what If's scenarios on chapter 2 'what if you found a kitten. So enjoy the reading! ????

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Stupid me, I should’ve gIven them water, milk is bad for cats but they love it
So the reader is a 14 year old teen that lives in a huge house, had a job, AND can drive????
I just realised Ciel’s Name in the book of circus ( I can’t remember what it was called sorry ) it was smile and undertakers name here is smiles Ciel and Sebastian would recognise the name lol
Sorry if this offends you, but it’s called a “scruff”. I know because
                              1. I grew up with cats, &
                              2. Because I worked at a vet clinic.
Nat4liexx Nat4liexx Sep 15
'Ruby' has a dicc and has periods.
                              I think he bleed from his ass hole or something-
TaylorisaPOTPfan:why are you driving a car at the age of 14??????
                              Me:  *turned 14 a month ago* VROOM VROOM BITCHES